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What are the simple steps to post a job?


Post a job requirement and needed skills.


Find an expert matching skills you require for you business needs.


Get high-quality work done, with in-app chat to coordinate with the candidate and be updated about the progress.


When satisfied simply pay.


OrtJob is designed to meet your needs.

Post a job

It’s easy to find a suitable and reliable candidate amongst the many who apply. Freedom of posting a bid /gig that supports the applicant.

Find Experts

The possibilities are endless. We have expert freelancers who work in every technical, professional, and creative field imaginable.

Secured Payment

Pay the candidate for their excellence in their work through one of the many platforms we support for payment when satisfied.

Find Job

Check Out all the jobs posted by different employers and submit a bid on a job that matches the best of your skills.

Profile Management

Keep your profile updated with your bio and educational history and let the employers know about your skills and profile.

Find Support

We have a list of FAQs to help you out when you feel lost. Any unanswered questions can be delivered to our support Centre.

What make us unique?

Well the name of our forum is itself unique and so are all the people who join it. We operate on zero commission basis because we believe that only you should be paid for your hard work and no other. Ease of everyone is our priority and so We have all types of payment methods so that no one has to step back from earning well.

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